Born under a clear and blue summer sky in a small village surrounded by nature, Valentino spent his childhood with a passion for the piano. Thanks to his family’s support, he started taking music lessons at the age of 6. His first encounter with electronic music took place when he was still a child. Exploring the house in search of something interesting, he found a mysterious object in the bottom of a drawer: a cassette tape that, inserted into the tape deck and pressed play, projected Valentino into a different world characterized by unusual sounds, captivating melodies and unknown instruments. In that world (Franco Battiato’s “Arca di Noe”), Valentino found his natural environment. Thanks again to his parents, at the age of 10 he bought a synthesizer, which he used to explore the musical synthesis. Then personal computers came. It was the time of space flights and flying cars dreams, and technology was the means to realize those dreams. Over the years, he played other instruments, sequencers, drum machines, workstations, bass and guitar, which allowed him to take his first steps in music production. Decades later, he continues to produce, study and perform, with the same passion and curiosity that have animated him from the beginning. Traveling and reading are his favorite diversions. Two dreams in the drawer: producing film scores and playing electric bass in a punk band.

Independent electronic music producer. Inspired by the pleasure of making people feel better.